Bnei Akiva

We are proud to support our local chapter of Bnei Akiva and its madrichim. Aside from weekly meetings and activities, Bnei Akiva helps organize events year-round.

Every year, a community member takes on the role of support and guidance for the madrichim.

Lavi School

In 2010, the Mamlachti-Dati elementary school 'Lavi' was opened in the Mazleg area of Matte Yehuda (first located in Bar Giora, and now in Tzur Hadassah). Our community is heavily associated with the school, as our members worked on its founding and opening. It currently serves up to grade 4, with more classes to open.

For more information, see this website (Hebrew)


Over the years, we have hosted an assortment of events covering all kinds of interests: Whiskey Tasting (with a Limud twist), Shuk Kach-Ten, Rosh Hashana community pot-luck lunch, Lag B’Omer bond fire experience, and more.


To foster a strong, interwoven community feeling for our members and our children, HaTzur V’HaTzohar holds a weekly Kiddush after Shabbat services, all on a volunteer, round-robin basis. This simple tradition, established early on, is one of our community’s most bonding events.


We run dynamic, hands-on study groups that explore and analyze traditional texts from multiple perspectives. The groups utilize their diverse professional and religious backgrounds to engender lively debates.

Currently, the schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday Nights: Tzur Hadasah bet midrash - currently studying Mishneh Torah
  • Shabbat evening: Laws of Shabbat
  • Shabbat morning: Shiur Katzar
  • Shabbat Afternoon: Weekly parsha. Currently Maor VeShemesh


What is a strong Jewish community if it's not giving back? Kehillat HaTzur V'HaTzohar organizes community chesed projects including raising money for the needy, visiting the sick, and creating care packages for struggling families. The community sent a mission to visit residents in Northern Israel during the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, and sent further missions to support the residents of Sderot during their time of need.

Bar Mitzvah

Our community provides hands-on individual instruction for children preparing for their bar mitzvah, particularly Torah reading and leading services. Young girls also have the opportunity to take part in group study sessions through bat mitzvah workshops.

Banot Sherut

Every year we take on the incoming banot sherut (National Service volunteers), helping them get settled in Tzur Hadassah and supporting them throughout their year here. Their roles include supporting the local schools, working with Bnei Akiva, helping families in need, volunteering for the 60+ club, and helping at the farm.