The New Building

Building Plans and Furniture | Dedications

In the past few years, the congregation has doubled its membership and now stands at 60 families. The regional and local council support the role of Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar and have allotted the community a plot of land in Tzur Hadassah to erect a larger structure.

In order to continue and enhance the religious renaissance that Tzur Hadassah is experiencing, we are in need of a building that can serve as a synagogue, as well as a religious community center. This building will not only act as a firm basis for the current community, but will also facilitate its growth and development. This building will allow Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar to realize its dream of being a spiritual home for a significant portion of Tzur Hadassah residents.

We are raising funds from our community and have made progress towards our goal but we are not able to fund this significant project entirely by ourselves, as we are predominantly a congregation of young married couples and new immigrants. In this context, we turn to you for assistance.

We hope you will seriously consider joining us in the venture that is based on a commitment to building the Land of Israel, a concern for the People of Israel, and a willingness to make a difference.

If you are interested in making a donation, please find enclosed a form that you can complete and return to the PEF Israel Endowment Fund address on the bottom of the form.