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Thank you for your donation! We are happy to accept your contribution in honor of the memory of your loved one.

See the list below (or view it here) for a breakdown of what our shul still needs (listed in New Israeli Shekels):

Building & Main Sanctuary

Name of the Bet Knesset 1,000,000

Aron HaKodesh 400,000

Sefer Torah DONATED

Chairs 150,000

Bimah 400,000

Mechitza 120,000

Entrance Door 50,000

Bookshelves for the Siddurim 36,000

Parochet (every day) DONATED

Parochet (Chaggim) 60,000

Parochet (Yamin Noraim) DONATED

Amud Tefillah L'Chazan 25,000

Air Conditioning System To Be Determined

Bimah Cover (everyday) DONATED

BimahCover (for laining, Yamim Noraim) 25,000

“Modim” Board (mens side) DONATED

"Modim" Board (womens side) 10,000

Luach Parshat Shavua 10,000

Ner Tamid 20,000


Lighting System To Be Determined

Mezuzot (7) 5,000 each

Shem Olam (Yortzeit) Board 25,000

Leaf on Shem Olam (Yorzeit) Board 5,000 each

Kitchen & Large Classroom

Name of the Large Classroom 150,000

Pergola 75,000

Kitchen Cabinets and Work Surface 30,000

Fridge 10,000

Coat Rack 7,500

Tree of Life" Donation Board DONATED"

Gold Leaf on the Tree of Life Donation Board >10,000

Silver Leaf on the Tree of Life Donation Board >5,000

Beit Midrash

Name of the Kloyz 100,000

Aron Hakodesh 50,000


Chairs 30,000

Tables 18,000

Bookcases (3) 18,000 each

Parochet (everyday) 36,000

A plaque in the foyer of the synagogue will acknowledge the donors of each item.

For more info, contact Simon Cohen or Irit Garshowitz. Thank you for your kind donation!