About Us

Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar is located in Tzur Hadassah in the southern hills surrounding Jerusalem. Tzur Hadassah was founded over 50 years ago within the pre-1967 borders of Israel. In the past decade, the area has developed significantly. Over 1000 families currently live in Tzur Hadassah and municipal predictions estimate that it will grow considerably in the near future. These developments naturally increase the need for community services.

Currently, Tzur Hadassah is predominantly made up of traditionally oriented Jews, with significant secular and modern-religious populations. The broader community regularly participates in Jewish events and expresses a sincere desire to connect to Jewish tradition.

Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar was established in 2004 by a group of motivated residents, led by Australian-born Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper, a dynamic educator at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and a columnist for The Jerusalem Post. The goals of this project were to establish a Zionist, Modern Orthodox community with an emphasis on youth involvement and empowerment, and to provide a community center with a tolerant atmosphere.

In April 2004, the families and friends of Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar successfully raised funds to purchase a 60 meter prefabricated structure that has, up to this point, served as a synagogue and central meeting place. The modest building is used daily for a variety of communal activities, including prayer and a meeting place for the youth.

Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar welcomes any person through our doors regardless of their affiliation, and we seek to serve the broader community in Tzur Hadassah. Our community is built on the foundation of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding, and boasts participants from a broad spectrum of Israeli society.

Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar conducts regular study sessions that are open to the public. Among the educational opportunities offered by the community, are adult education classes, classes for youth, a monthly women's group, a Talmud study group, a Bible study group, and a weekly children’s prayer service. In addition, the community facilitates those youth who wish to prepare for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The community sponsors a local branch of the Bnei Akiva youth movement that attracts young teenagers, inculcating Jewish values and empowering them to better serve the broader community.

Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar is actively involved in the local schools and nursery programs. Most recently, the community established the Lavi Religious Zionist Primary school, in partnership with the regional council and the Ministry of Education. Kehillat Ha-Tzur Veha-Tzohar also plays a central role in the distribution of charity and provides critical assistance to local families in need.

Our members, including the rabbi, all work on a voluntary basis.